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Destroy All Humans

Destroy All Humans is a really fun game, even if the goal is to take over Earth. I played a couple years ago and decided I would like to own it. The Game is played from an Alien called Crypto, while the main goal is taking over Earth you have smaller goals within the place you are in. Such as finding the mayor and reading his thoughts or killing every single person in town. Of course you have an organization called Majestic, their goal is to kill you. I like this game because you can do so many fun things, disguise as a human, read funny thoughts, lift things with your mind, make people randomly fall asleep, and of course drive your flying saucer! Their is also many side missions that are fun, well if you like destroying buildings or electrocuting cows. If you like all this buy it at gamestop, also you can buy Destroy All Humans! 2 for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 2.


Plants vs Zombies – DS

Plants vs Zombies is a fun games for lots of gaming systems. I have for the Ds but you can get it for: The Xbox 360, The Computer, and the DS. Basically you have to defend your house from the Zombies that live across the street. Using plants and the help from a person named Crazy Dave. Your plants kill the Zombies, for example the Peashooter – It shoots peas that will eventually kill the Zombie. Many Plants like that. This game has 50 levels. 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and so on. The Zombies will try the invade your house in the weirdest ways, at night, in your pool in the backyard and even on the Roof! They come in many variates ones with cones on their heads, cones, ones holding screen. My favorite Zombie is probably Disco Zombie. I probably like him because he looks awesome and is a disco person. Their is also multiplayer which is when you play with a friend you get to chose if you want to be the zombies or the plants. Their is also the Zen Garden which is growing flowers. And Zombatar, in this you can customize your very own zombie! They have mini games and puzzles but those aren’t really that interesting. At the end of the game when you beat the Zombies they decide to be friendly:

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