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Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour was the first Guitar Hero game that I played, it’s for the Wii. My brother got it for Christmas one year and I got to play it, I thought it was so fun! You play by having a plastic guitar with 5 buttons on the neck of the guitar (green, red, yellow, blue, orange) and a strum bar. You (for the Wii version) put the Wii remote into the guitar, select a song, and play. You have 5 modes you can play for each song: Beginner (you just you the strum bar), easy (green, red, and yellow plus strum bar), medium (green, red, yellow, and blue plus strum bar), hard (green, red, yellow, blue, orange and the strum bar), and expert (same as hard except more difficult). Also for these games (all the guitar Hero games) and Rock Band (same as guitar hero pretty much) you can sing with a microphone that you plug into the Wii, and play drums.


Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has made many great systems over the years: Nintendo 64, Ds, Ds lite, Dsi, Dsi XL, 3DS, and the Wii. First the Wii, then a Black one and now a red one, also a green one though this could just be a skin type thing. The Wii has many ‘channels’ basically it’s an app. Like the Mii Channel, where you can customize your Mii – a character on your Wii to represent yourself. You start off with basic Channels along with the Mii channel -photo channel uses pictures, the Internet Channel: lets you connect to the internet, The Wii shop: lets you buy new games and apps with the Wii points, The Forecast channel: lets you check on the weather once you put in your location, The News Channel: check up on the news,  The Nintendo Channel: like the News Channel but it’s about Nintendo’s latest news.

The Original White Wii

The Black Wii

The Red Wii

The Green Wii


Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Part Two

After going through Hyrule Field the western exit will lead you too the Twilight entrance. Midna will talk about things like Light of Eldin, and you being a beast. For some reason she always asks you if you want to or not even though you have to go through. Go a little bit down the path, put on your senses and you will find the scent of the children.  Eventually you will run into a spot where the bridge has gone missing… Midna tells you about teleporting and what-not. You have to go to the N. Faron Woods to get the bridge. After you find the bridge you should go back to the portal in Eldin Province, the trick is to keep following the scent with your senses. After a while you will arrive in a village called Kakariko Village where Eldin the Spirit of Light will ask you to do the same thing that Ordon asked you – collect the light for it him. Collect all of the light-things and return them to Eldin. After you return the full vessel the light has returned to the village and the surrounding area! Also you’re human again!! Everyone tells you to not go to the mines, but….. you have to – back up Death Mountain for you! The Goron will tell you to go and push you over, after this go talk to the people in Kakariko Village maybe the leader will have some advice. The leader says that the mayor of Ordon friended the Gorons, maybe we should go talk to him! Your horse comes into town all crazy calm it down and go to Ordon Village. (Also hen you were on Death Mountain as the wolf the Stone with a hole in it is a Howling Stone which allows you too find another hidden skill.) Find the Mayor’s house and talk to him, we need to find out how to friend the Gorons! The Mayor will see you and ask questions, once he learns where the children are, he tells you about how he won a contest of strength against the Gorons. He has a secret he is willing to tell you as long as you tell no one else. Head on to the back room and you learn the Gorons like to do Sumo wrestling. He tells you the rules and we try Sumo wrestling. After this he shows you the secret – a pair of iron boots, very heavy, no wonder he won against the Gorons! After this get on your horse and go to Kakariko Village, here you will then go to Death Mountain and Confront the Goron. Do the same things as last time grab him, but this time put the Iron Boots on the Goron won’t be able to Shove you aside this time. But, a monster has stolen one of the children you have to chase around Hyrule Field and hit him with your sword.  You then have to battle him on a bridge, rather difficult. The trick is to dodge him, then as you pass by him slice with your sword. Repeat this until the enemy is dead. After that you talk to Talo who asks if  Colin will be all right and mentions Malo going in to the closed store and working on… something, we go in to the shop to learn Malo is making the shop his own! After talking to Malo you should go check on Colin. After checking up on him head up to Death Mountain. Go all the way to the top, if you run into a Goron and it tries to knock you off just use the Iron Boots. You can also hit the Gorons with your sword then jump off of them.  You finally make to the top when you get to talk to the Goron elder – Gor Coron, he says you cannot enter the mines unless you can beat him at a contest of power – Sumo Wrestling. The first time you wrestle him you will lose he says that you are too light – that means you should put on the iron Boots, after you win Gor Coron will ask you that when you go into the mines to aid Darbus – a Goron who was transformed into a terrible monster. Going through the mines is difficult but not too difficult. you need to be able to equip your Iron boots in some parts.


The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Part One

This is another game out of the many, many Legend of Zelda games. This game is for the Wii. To start out you have 3 files once you pick one you name yourself and your horse. You get to see a little scene with you and your Dad. He asks you to do a favor for him: Deliver something to Hyrule. (Any scene’s that aren’t important you can skip with the minus button. After this you go fetch your horse and go into Ordon Village. Ride through town and exit through the south exit into the Ordon Ranch and talk to the guy in the center of the Ranch. He asks you if you and your horse could round up the goats. After this you can exit the Ranch by jumping over the fences – which you can do by pressing the ‘A’ button and galloping. Once you exit the Ranch you can save if desired. You can save at any point in the game though. The next day 3 little kids wake you up and tell you about the slingshot (which is in red letters signifying its importance), so you should go buy it! Find the hop and talk to the woman, she won’t sell you anything, I guess we must find this cat first! In order to bring the cat home you need to give it a fish. In order to get the fish you need a fishing, to get a fishing rod talk to the blonde woman retrieve what she lost and return it. Suddenly she will remember that she was supposed to give the fishing rod thus giving you the rod. (To get the cradle you have to swim down stream and you will find it but you get it back by going on the roof of the store, jumping on the grass thingies blowing the grass and flying the hawk at the cradle and BOOM you have the cradle.) sounds like blackmail if you ask me….. After you get the fishing rod you can get a fish! You need to fish where the cat is, the cat is on the western side of the village near the water. The first fish doesn’t matter but the second fish the cat will take to the store owner. Now you can buy the slingshot! Gather rupees by doing whatever so you can buy the slingshot. After you buy it talk to the person that i trying to knock down the bee hive, use your new slingshot to knock it down for them. After this you can go back to where the three little kids were, once they see your slingshot they will want to see how well you can use it. (also your dad said he had a present in your room! Cool a wooden sword!) All you have to do is hit all of the targets and both scarecrows with the slingshot, easy. Next you show them how to use a sword (even though THEY are the ones telling you how to do specific moves). After this all of the kids (except the blonde) go chasing a monkey in the woods, that’s your signal to go after them (feel free to ride your horse). Keep going further into the woods after you pass the spring. We see a fence at one point, well remember how too jump it? Just press ‘A’ to gallop and you can jump over the fence, keep going even further into these woods! We end up at a fork in the “road” so go left and talk to the guy with the afro. He will give you a lantern, go back to the fork in the road and go into the cave with your lantern on. Going through this cave is super easy! Just keep your lantern on and go straight through, killing a couple enemies along the way. If you see any spider webs just press ‘B’ when the lantern is on the set them on fire. You notice (once you’re out of the cave) that their are two red dots on your map go to the red dot on the eastern side of the map (without going to this one you can’t go to the other one). Get the key in the treasure chest then go to the red dot on the western side of the map – now you can go past whatever is there. Just keep following the map to the red dot, you pass by a store with a…talking..bird? Yup, if you have a lot of heath you can steal from it by run VERY FAST away! Eventually you will find Talo and the monkey – kill the guards and hit the cage to break it. After this you round up goats with your horse again and talk to the mayor after his daughter takes your horse you have to go the springs to get your horse back! In order to pass the kids you have to let them borrow your sword, oh well it’s wooden any way… You make into the spring by sneaking in when some..thing takes the mayor’s daughter and Colin away! You chase after them and end up in a strange place you end up being transformed into a wolf! You should probably save… When you wake up you’re in a prison! You learn that if you do things as if you where attacking with a sword you can attack like a wolf (example: shake nun-chuck: tail spin). You end up talking to some…creature who seems… playful? She helps you but is rather annoying! (That’s why I like her!) To escape you have to destroy the boxes and dig, after this you listen to Midna (that’s her name) and try to escape from this maze-like place. If you see any floating fire-like things just press left or right to turn on your senses and talk to them. From their it isn’t too difficult… Just make sure you kill the back creatures. You end up outside and on the roof of a wet yet large castle… could it be THE Hyrule Castle?!? Well lets find out, kill the enemies (you know Mr, Big Scary Bird). If you talk to the first spirit you realize that you are on top of Hyrule Castle! After getting to the tower go to the top and talk to the cloaked figure (Princess Zelda) who will tell you a wonderful story about an evil king who takes over darkness clouding everyone and lightness going bye bye. After this you must flee the castle A.S.A.P! You some how end up back outside…. Midna makes a deal with you: you have to help her when she needs it and she will help you rescue Colin and the Mayor’s daughter. Midna teleports you to the springs.. but your still a wolf?!??! Well in order to save your friends first Midna wants you to find her a Sword and Shield, I suppose we could find one in Ordon village. Well, this game just gets stranger and stranger, now you can talk to animals!!! Next we need to listen in on the mayor and some other villager’s talk about the shield, but in order to get the the storage loft first you need to take out the villager that is trying to kill you! After you take out him you can jump onto the water wheel and into the storage loft. After you get this you need a sword, you can get a sword by going to Colin’s house and ‘borrowing’ it. You can get into the house by going on the right side and using your senses to find a spot where you can dig to get in the house. After this go into the woods where you first changed into a wolf. Visit the springs to talk with someone on the way to the place where you got transformed. Midna lets you into the Faron woods and makes fun of the shield and sword. Midna needs you to “gather some things” for her, light for the spirit. A couple seconds into Faron woods you run into some creatures of darkness, defeat them as you would regularly then listen to what Midna says. Once you defeat them go to the glowing thing in the water it will plead for you to gather the light to allow it to grow stronger again. The spirit will mark your map of where its light is but in order to see the creatures that hold the light you have to use your senses then kill it to gather light. After you have gathered all light you must return the vessel to the light spirit. WOO HOO the light has been returned to Faron woods!! Go back to the Afro guy to get the key to go back to the Temple also you can get lantern oil if needed. Once you get to the purple fog area the monkey will steal your lantern but she will lead you though the fog using the lantern. All you have to do is follow and kill the enemies that might appear. While on your way to the temple you meet a golden wolf who turns out to be some warrior who wants to teach hidden skills. After this into the Temple we go! The point of the Temple is to find all of the Monkeys, kill the mini-boss,get the item of the Temple, and defeat the boss. The boss has 2 stages though most of it involves using the boomerang you got and bombs. After you defeat the boss you get a…. fused shadow? Well, Midna said she was looking for it. She said you need two more to defeat dark power, she thinks the other light spirits will have them. You also get a free heart container – you get them after every boss in every temple. The Spirit tells you to go west to The spirit Eldin


Wii Fit

The Wii Fit is a game for the Wii that helps you workout in a fun and creative way! For starters you take a Wii Fit Body test by doing this you get to see your weight, COB (center of Balance), and your BMI (Body Mass Index). After this you can play games that help with balance, flexibility and building muscles. You can hula hoop to build muscles, do some yoga for flexibility, you can go on runs, or do some down hill skiing! Or you can do some nice and relaxing aerobic steps. This game also can help set a weight goal, if you wan to gain or lose pounds! But you can also play if you don’t have a goal in mind, like me. I play for the fun of it! Inorder to play you also need a Wii Fit Board, but that comes with the game if you buy it at a store.


Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii-one of the best games for the Wii! In this game you are racing against lots of different Nintendo characters and you can even play as your Mii! You start out with the Characters: Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Toad, Koopa, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Wario,  Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser. You can unlock characters also, you can unlock: King Boo, Diddy Kong, Mii outfit A, Mii outfit B, Dry Bones, Bowser Jr., Daisy, Dry Bowser, Funky Kong, Baby Luigi, Birdo, Toadette, and Rosalina. If you would like to know who to unlock a specific character just ask.

50cc= Karts only, 100cc= Bikes only, lastly we have 150cc= Karts and Bikes (cc means cubic centimeters).  You can change what each of the cc’s mean though, this is just the default. In this game you have 4 license’s with is a file. You can play via Nintendo Wi-Fi which is racing with people from around the world, you can race with up to 12 people including you! Their are 4 different modes you can play in: Grand Prix which is racing all four tracks in one cup. VS, which is when you do four races like Grand Prix except you can play as a team or solo and you get to choose what tracks you races in. Battle which you have with a team. You can play where you have balloons and you have to pop other people’s balloons. Or you have to collect coins and the team with the most coins at the end wins. Lastly it’s Time Attack (or something like that) you have to beat your time or something. Frankly I got bored whenever I played it.

In this game you have 8 cup’s, 4 starters and 4 one’s that you have to unlock.

Starter Cup’s:

Mushroom Cup: Luigi Circuit, Moo Moo Meadows, Mushroom Gorge, and lastly Toad’s factory.

Flower Cup: Mario Circuit, Coconut Mall, DK Summit, and Wario’s Gold Mine

Shell Cup: Peach Beach, Yoshi Falls, Ghost Valley 2, and Mario Raceway.

Banana Cup: Sherbet Land, Shy Guy, Delfino Square, and Waluigi Stadium.

Unlockable Cup’s:

Star Cup: Daisy Circuit, Koopa Cape, Maple Treeway, and Grumble Volcano.

Leaf Cup: Desert Hills, Bowser Castle 3, DK’s Jungle Parkway, and lastly Mario Circuit (again?!?!).

Lightning Cup: Mario Circuit 3, Peach Gardens, DK Mountain, and Bowser’s Castle.

Star Cup: Dry Dry Ruins, Moonview Highway, Bowser’s Castle, lastly (and probably the most annoying and most difficult track) Rainbow Road!

All of these levels are from every single Mario Kart game from every system. Now since they could only put 32 tracks in this game they probably decided on the best tracks. If you get angry easily I would NOT play the Rainbow Road track if I were you.


Post A Week 2011

I decided to start a blog and found about Post A Week 2011 and decide to take the challenge.  I didn’t think I would want (or be able to) post a blog every day. A week on the other hand would be much easier so post a week it is! If you have any games you would like me to blog about feel free to comment! Any system. Pokemon games are my favorite, if you didn’t know pokemon Black and White (for the Ds) are coming out in April of this year! You can pre-order the game at: I named my blog after the creators of pokemon, GameFreak thats how much I like pokemon. But thats all I’ll blog about. Well that’s about it check my blog for my newest updates!

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