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Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has made many great systems over the years: Nintendo 64, Ds, Ds lite, Dsi, Dsi XL, 3DS, and the Wii. First the Wii, then a Black one and now a red one, also a green one though this could just be a skin type thing. The Wii has many ‘channels’ basically it’s an app. Like the Mii Channel, where you can customize your Mii – a character on your Wii to represent yourself. You start off with basic Channels along with the Mii channel -photo channel uses pictures, the Internet Channel: lets you connect to the internet, The Wii shop: lets you buy new games and apps with the Wii points, The Forecast channel: lets you check on the weather once you put in your location, The News Channel: check up on the news,  The Nintendo Channel: like the News Channel but it’s about Nintendo’s latest news.

The Original White Wii

The Black Wii

The Red Wii

The Green Wii


Super Mario 64: Nintendo vs Ds

Super Mario 64 for the Ds is pretty much the same as the Nintendo 64 version (or as I call it the first version) you have to save Princess Peach from Bowser by getting 80 stars in all. But in this one you also get save Mario, Wario, and Luigi. You start out as Yoshi then you get a couple stars which allows you to save Mario. From then on it’s (for the most part) same as the first version. In th Ds version you also have the rec room.This “room” is basically a bunch of games you can play and get high scores on. You get 3 files to play the adventure in.You can do verses via DS Download Play, in it you have to get stars, the person with the most stars by the end of the time limit wins. All the room are the same as the first version. Even a couple new ones too! You can use the touch screen to move around. So this one is newer (it came out in 2004) but that doesn’t mean better. The Nintendo 64 version is just as good, what I mean is the controls are more user friendly- it’s much easier to play the the Ds version. You also have to option of a bigger screen, then again it would depend on the size of your TV. I like it better because it’s the original version also because I prefer (for this game) a game controller and TV rather then a handheld. The Ds version is better for long car rides or on-the-go but if you don’t have the Nintendo 64 it’s better than nothing`. Then again thats just my opinion.

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