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Legend Of Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass Part 2

Where did I leave off? Ah yes we just got Neri, Wisdom Spirit! Well, after this you go to Mercay Island to go to The Temple Of The Ocean King. Once again we go even further than last time. Go to the door that had the Wisdom Spirit symbol and dive into the depths of this temple. Eventually you will get to a floor though it doesn’t tell you what floor number it is, and find a giant circle with a sun painted on it. It says something about pressing the mark that just means you should close your Ds then open it. You have to press against the South Western Sea map. Then you have to visit Cannon island to get the Salvage Arm, go to the Island with about 300 rupees. Once you get the Salvage arm sail so that you are right over the green spot on your map. Go to the menu and click the Salvage button. You will salvage a sun shaped key. Wait a minute? Haven’t we seen a lock that look’s like a sun? Right! At Molida Island when we were looking for the Old wayfarer’s real hideout! So… we go back to Molida Island. We are just about to dock when monster appears! Linebeck tells you it’s weak spot is somewhere in its body…. Wrong! Do NOT hit it’s body that won’t do anything to it. What you have to do is hit the yellow thing that looks like it’s head. Then sail to the other side to avoid being hit. Repeat this a couple times and you will kill it. Dock, and go to the Old wayfarer’s real hideout. Go left and exit it. You will find the door that is shaped like a sun, tap it and continue on. Traveling around the Temple you will come across 3 weird head shaped things. If you hit them a laser will appear. Once you hit one of them you tap it and rotate it so the laser is facing the Temple. Do this with the other 2. The door will open and you go into the Temple of Courage. The item you get for this Temple is a Bow and arrow (YES!) After the boss you will get the Spirit Of Courage. What, it looks just like Ciela?! Hmm.. oh well you got it, so lets just go back to Linebeck. Hey look, it’s old man Oshus! Story Time!! We learn: Ciela is the Spirit of Courage she has special powers, she is yellow! So we go and find the Ghost Ship when the Ship breaks down (probably the Ghost ship messing with you). Oh well you just have to use the wheel, but the Spirits are here to help. The trick is to first steer randomly once you are in a direction that they are flying around the screen and colorful stars appear stay in that direction until you find the Ghost Ship. The Ghost Ship is pretty much another Temple. You have to find the 3 of the Cubus sisters, and bring them back to the youngest. Once you bring all 4 of them back you learn that they were trying to kill you. After that you have to play a ‘game’ with them. Dead mans Volley, they shoot blue circles at you, you hit them back and fourth until you kill all of them. Then you get a key, got the the basement floor 2 (I think) and unlock the door. You find Tetra in statue form. Oshus come’s again. Story time once more! You learn that Oshus is really the Ocean king. He sends you to Zauz the Blacksmith. Zauz tells you that you need a special sword. One that can slay phantoms. The Phantom sword. But first you need 3 pure metals. That’s all for the time being check back soon for part 3!


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