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Legend Of Zelda Phantom and the Hourglass Part 3

OK so last left off we just learned about the Phantom Sword. We need 3 pure metals – Aquanine, Azurine, and Crimsonine. Zauz or Oshus tells you that the pure metals can be found within 3 tribes. Zauz tell you to get another sea map. But, if you remember, we went as far as we could go. After drawing the hourglass on the door there is only one room left, or so we thought. Zauz tells you that at that door draw a triforce instead of an hourglass. Now we go to The Temple Of The Ocean King. Get to that door and draw the triforce, and go even further than before! Eventually we will get the South Eastern Sea map – yay ūüėÄ So now you go to the South Eastern sea, you can go to either of the island’s. Let’s start with Goron Island. When you are first docking you will have to fight a monster without moving, this is easy you have to hit each of it’s eye’s twice then it will die. Dock and talk to EVERY single Goron on the island. Inside and out even the one guarding the door on the east. Once you’ve talk to every Goron on the Island talk to the Island Chief, make sure that you have 20 rupees with you. You will have to take a test about the Gorons. Either take notes on things like: How many Goron House’s their are, How many Goron Children their are, How many Goron’s are on the entire island, How many Goron’s are inside/outside. Or just look it up for the answers ;). Once you become part of the Goron tribe (your name to them is Goro-your name) Goron Chief will tell his son – Gongoron – to lead you to the mountain.¬†Unfortunately Gongoron is acting Stuck-up and you have to chase around the Island before going in the Temple. Inside the Temple it’s pretty easy, I like this because in part of the Temple you¬†¬†get to control both Link and Gongoron! That is also how you defeat Phase one of the boss, switching between Gongoron and yourself. You have to do Phase 2 be yourself though. Then you go into the next room and get your Crimsonine! Next is the Isle Of Frost. Before you dock you have to travel around the Island shooting (with your cannon) all of the Ice surrounding to Island, after that you can then dock. Go talk to the Island Chief and ask about the¬†Azurine, he will tell you that one of the Yook’s has taken a villager and is now pretending to be the villager. Now you have to find out what villager is really the Yook. The Yook is the person who claims to be Aroo. Once you find out the Yook is Aroo talk to the Chief and he will tell you that you should get revenge. So you go to The Field Of Ice and kill the 6 Yooks. The trick is that when the breath in deeply throw a bomb inside them then slice and stab with your sword to finish them off! Then go into the Temple, finish of the boss (2 dragon-ish things). Then go into the next room and get that¬†Azurine! But wait, their are no more islands but you still need the last pure metal, the¬†Aquanine! Well time to go back to The Temple Of the Ocean king. Remember the room where you got the South Eastern map? Well, before you go into that room their was 3¬†pedestals, square, circle, triangle. But this time you have to put the¬†jewel thingies in the pedestals in a specific order – circle, square, triangle. Enter the room, you will feel an earthquake exit the room. You will be on a different floor. In order to complete this floor you need: The bombchu bag and the Grapelhook. Complete this floor and the next floor will have the last Sea map – The North Eastern Sea Map. Finally we have all Sea Maps! Well time to sail to the North Eastern Sea! Once we get their go to the smaller Island on th eastern side of this map. This Island is called: Isle Of The Dead. On this Island go the Temple on you map. Once inside don’t go into rooms read the tablet. It tells gives instructions. Go to the tree on the most Southern and Eastern section of the island. There will be a tree, here you should start the instructions when you finished the¬†instructions dig a hole. Go through the cave when you get up stairs shoot at the purple glob so it turns green. Then go to the graveyard in the North West. Read all of the tablets and write down the directions. These are directions on how to get through the Temple near by. Go through the Temple and Talk to the fourth Knight, he will give you a Regal Necklace. This will allow you to go through the cyclone guarding The Isle of Ruins. Check back for the last part – Part 4. ūüėÄ


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