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Pokémon Soulsilver

Pokémon Soulsilver takes place first in the Johto region but then after the Elite Four you can travel to the Kanto region. So the same as the original version Silver (along with Gold). First off we start in New Bark Town too help the Professor, which in this game he happens to be Professor Elm (it seems a lot of the professor’s have names that are trees, Elm, Oak, Birch) I’m pretty sure you have to deliver an egg to a person a couple routes away, Professor Elm let’s you ‘borrow’ a pokémon, either a totodile(water) a chikorita(grass) and a cyndaquil(fire) choose the pokémon carefully though beacause you end up keeping it. While at this man’s house Professor Oak from over in  Kanto visits. Then you leave, get to New Bark Town to realize that someone stole a pokémon from Professor Elm! It’s you job to find this person for Professor Elm. You find this person and battle them. Whatever pokémon that you chose this person will have to strongest to counteract you. For example I chose totdile so the person will have a chikorita. Once you win mett up with Professor Elm and you get to choose then name of the person you just battled! Professor Elm and you go back to his lab and he gives you a pokédex and lets you nickname the pokémon. Next thing you know your off on an adventure! That covers everything in the game… or does it? In pokémon Soulsilver something new is here something no other pokémon game(besides HeartGold) has-the pokéwalker! Any pokémon you have you transfor to an awesome little pedometer that allows you to: Count how many steps you tak daily, know the current time, catch pokémon, get items by using a dowsing machine and connecting to other pokéwalker’s. In the pokéwalker you have somethin called watts. Their is a simply forumla for getting watts 20 steps = one watt. To get a chance to find a pokémon in the ‘wild’ you would need 10 watts. Once you spend those 10 watts you’ve used, you have to earn more, but the pokéwalker also keeps track of lifetime watts. So if you spend watts that doesn’t change your lifetime watts. You can get new routes for the pokéwalker by liftime watts. Different routes have different pokémon and items.You can also dowse for items, this only costs 3 watts.

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