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Papa’s Pizzeria

This game is the first of the Papa’s series of games. In this one your are an employee at Papa’s Pizzeria, a pizza place. You have to take the orders of customers, cook the pizzas, add toppings, and cut them into however many slices they want. It’s really fun, except that the customers are picky!



The Impossible Quiz

This is a very weird and very random game that I enjoy playing very much, it’s called The Impossible Quiz. I never beat it, but I do know their are more than 100 questions, a lot of them are random, some are ones that you would have to guess the answer, and some are ones you just have to think carefully about. I don’t know why I like playing it so much….



Shopping Cart Hero

Like The Heist 2 this game is an online game, I play at (which is now a gamestop network). In this game you ride in a shopping cart down a hill, go off a ramp, and do tricks in the air to earn money. Their is no real point to this game besides to entertain the player. I found this game because I was playing a game like it when in the comments someone said “This is dumb, here is the real version” and there was a link for Shopping Cart Hero 2. I played it once  and thought it was really, really fun!