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Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

The newest Legend Of Zelda game, on the Ds like Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is for the Nintendo Ds. This is Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. In this game their is the Tower Of Spirits which hold the evil Demon King Malladus. He is held in Tower as long as the Spirit Tracks connect the Tower Of Spirits to the Temples Of the 4 Realms – Ocean, Forest, Fire, and Snow. When you start out the game you are becoming a Train Engineer when the princess asks you to take her to the Tower Of Spirits, she is hoping to find the sorcerer of the Tower so this sorcerer can restore the vanishing Spirit Tracks. Uh oh, someone is resurrecting Malladus! And they took the princess’s body! Leaving only her spirit to help you! You also have some side quests in the game – finding bunnies, driving people to towns, and collecting things for people. If you played any Legend Of Zelda game and liked it (who wouldn’t?) you should play this one!


Legend Of Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass Part 4

In Part 3 we left off my just getting the Regal Necklace from the Fourth Knight (the fourth knight’s name is Brant). After that you sail to the Isle of Ruins – this time you can go right past the cyclone – and Dock. Once you go on the Island you see 4 pyramids. Well you figure that the biggest is the one with the pure metal – the most guarded, boss and all – so we should go to the small one on the western coast of the Island. Once you get there go inside and talk to the 3rd Knight (his name is Bremuer) he will tell you that the island was cursed (or something like that) and that you need to get a key to release the curse or something like that. He will tell you that you should go to Doylan, the 2nd Knight to get the key. Now we should go to the small pyramid on the eastern coast of the Island. Go here and talk to Doylan, the 2nd Knight (in case you’re wondering they are the Knight’s of King Mutoh) he will be impressed that you made it that far and he will give you the key. Go back to Bremuer’s pyramid and click on the giant thingie that is golden and shaped like a pencil. Doing this you are releasing the curse of the Island. When you go outside you see that the water within the Island is all gone!! YAY 😀 no more annoying water! Next we go to the Pyramid in the South, Max, The 1st Knight’s pyramid. He will talk to you and tell you to go to the last Pyramid – The Pyramid of King Mutoh. When you go to this Pyramid be aware, it is basically a Temple. After going through you meet up with King Mutoh (Oh yeah, all of this knight’s and the King are Ghost’s, not to important though 😉 he will let you get the last pure metal, the Aquanine. Finally, the last pure metal! 😀 Now we go to Zauz’s Island and give him the Metal’s. When we get to Zauz’s Island, give him the pure metals. Zauz will tell you that the sword making will take some time, so leave visit some islands or something and retrieve your sword! Wait, it’s just a blade, no handle thingie? Oh, Zauz will tell you to give it to the Ocean King. Sail to Mercay and go to Oshus’s house. He will combine the Phantom Hourglass and the Phantom Sword blade. Now you have the Phantom Sword! You can defeat Bellum! And you can kill the phantoms in The Temple Of The Ocean King with just one hit to their back’s! Well, time to go kill Bellum. Now we go to The Temple Of The Ocean King go through further than ever before and we get to battle the evil Bellum. The trick to beating him is getting out the grappling hook grapple off all of the purple stuff then grapple him over to you. Start hitting him rapidly. Repeat the process until he flees up one floor of the battle field. Now you need to shoot – with your bow & arrows – all of his eyeballs. Once you shoot all of them he flees back to the bottom  section of the battle field. Then you have to do what you did before. He will keep fleeing until he gets out of the acid stuff and starts do completely unpredictable flying everywhere. Ciela then learns the ability to freeze time shortly. Eventually you will kill Bellum. You then get teleported to your ship. Tetra comes back to life when suddenly Bellum comes out of nowhere and steals her! You sail around the ghost ship shooting Bellum’s eye’s then attack him on the ghost ship. You defeat him when he uses his last bit of strength to posses Linebeck. Then using Celia you defeat Linebeck – not killing him – and finally (this time for real) defeat Bellum. You saved the Ocean King, now he has his true form – a Whale! Now the game is over 😥


Legend Of Zelda Phantom and the Hourglass Part 3

OK so last left off we just learned about the Phantom Sword. We need 3 pure metals – Aquanine, Azurine, and Crimsonine. Zauz or Oshus tells you that the pure metals can be found within 3 tribes. Zauz tell you to get another sea map. But, if you remember, we went as far as we could go. After drawing the hourglass on the door there is only one room left, or so we thought. Zauz tells you that at that door draw a triforce instead of an hourglass. Now we go to The Temple Of The Ocean King. Get to that door and draw the triforce, and go even further than before! Eventually we will get the South Eastern Sea map – yay 😀 So now you go to the South Eastern sea, you can go to either of the island’s. Let’s start with Goron Island. When you are first docking you will have to fight a monster without moving, this is easy you have to hit each of it’s eye’s twice then it will die. Dock and talk to EVERY single Goron on the island. Inside and out even the one guarding the door on the east. Once you’ve talk to every Goron on the Island talk to the Island Chief, make sure that you have 20 rupees with you. You will have to take a test about the Gorons. Either take notes on things like: How many Goron House’s their are, How many Goron Children their are, How many Goron’s are on the entire island, How many Goron’s are inside/outside. Or just look it up for the answers ;). Once you become part of the Goron tribe (your name to them is Goro-your name) Goron Chief will tell his son – Gongoron – to lead you to the mountain. Unfortunately Gongoron is acting Stuck-up and you have to chase around the Island before going in the Temple. Inside the Temple it’s pretty easy, I like this because in part of the Temple you  get to control both Link and Gongoron! That is also how you defeat Phase one of the boss, switching between Gongoron and yourself. You have to do Phase 2 be yourself though. Then you go into the next room and get your Crimsonine! Next is the Isle Of Frost. Before you dock you have to travel around the Island shooting (with your cannon) all of the Ice surrounding to Island, after that you can then dock. Go talk to the Island Chief and ask about the Azurine, he will tell you that one of the Yook’s has taken a villager and is now pretending to be the villager. Now you have to find out what villager is really the Yook. The Yook is the person who claims to be Aroo. Once you find out the Yook is Aroo talk to the Chief and he will tell you that you should get revenge. So you go to The Field Of Ice and kill the 6 Yooks. The trick is that when the breath in deeply throw a bomb inside them then slice and stab with your sword to finish them off! Then go into the Temple, finish of the boss (2 dragon-ish things). Then go into the next room and get that Azurine! But wait, their are no more islands but you still need the last pure metal, the Aquanine! Well time to go back to The Temple Of the Ocean king. Remember the room where you got the South Eastern map? Well, before you go into that room their was 3 pedestals, square, circle, triangle. But this time you have to put the jewel thingies in the pedestals in a specific order – circle, square, triangle. Enter the room, you will feel an earthquake exit the room. You will be on a different floor. In order to complete this floor you need: The bombchu bag and the Grapelhook. Complete this floor and the next floor will have the last Sea map – The North Eastern Sea Map. Finally we have all Sea Maps! Well time to sail to the North Eastern Sea! Once we get their go to the smaller Island on th eastern side of this map. This Island is called: Isle Of The Dead. On this Island go the Temple on you map. Once inside don’t go into rooms read the tablet. It tells gives instructions. Go to the tree on the most Southern and Eastern section of the island. There will be a tree, here you should start the instructions when you finished the instructions dig a hole. Go through the cave when you get up stairs shoot at the purple glob so it turns green. Then go to the graveyard in the North West. Read all of the tablets and write down the directions. These are directions on how to get through the Temple near by. Go through the Temple and Talk to the fourth Knight, he will give you a Regal Necklace. This will allow you to go through the cyclone guarding The Isle of Ruins. Check back for the last part – Part 4. 😀


Legend Of Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass Part 2

Where did I leave off? Ah yes we just got Neri, Wisdom Spirit! Well, after this you go to Mercay Island to go to The Temple Of The Ocean King. Once again we go even further than last time. Go to the door that had the Wisdom Spirit symbol and dive into the depths of this temple. Eventually you will get to a floor though it doesn’t tell you what floor number it is, and find a giant circle with a sun painted on it. It says something about pressing the mark that just means you should close your Ds then open it. You have to press against the South Western Sea map. Then you have to visit Cannon island to get the Salvage Arm, go to the Island with about 300 rupees. Once you get the Salvage arm sail so that you are right over the green spot on your map. Go to the menu and click the Salvage button. You will salvage a sun shaped key. Wait a minute? Haven’t we seen a lock that look’s like a sun? Right! At Molida Island when we were looking for the Old wayfarer’s real hideout! So… we go back to Molida Island. We are just about to dock when monster appears! Linebeck tells you it’s weak spot is somewhere in its body…. Wrong! Do NOT hit it’s body that won’t do anything to it. What you have to do is hit the yellow thing that looks like it’s head. Then sail to the other side to avoid being hit. Repeat this a couple times and you will kill it. Dock, and go to the Old wayfarer’s real hideout. Go left and exit it. You will find the door that is shaped like a sun, tap it and continue on. Traveling around the Temple you will come across 3 weird head shaped things. If you hit them a laser will appear. Once you hit one of them you tap it and rotate it so the laser is facing the Temple. Do this with the other 2. The door will open and you go into the Temple of Courage. The item you get for this Temple is a Bow and arrow (YES!) After the boss you will get the Spirit Of Courage. What, it looks just like Ciela?! Hmm.. oh well you got it, so lets just go back to Linebeck. Hey look, it’s old man Oshus! Story Time!! We learn: Ciela is the Spirit of Courage she has special powers, she is yellow! So we go and find the Ghost Ship when the Ship breaks down (probably the Ghost ship messing with you). Oh well you just have to use the wheel, but the Spirits are here to help. The trick is to first steer randomly once you are in a direction that they are flying around the screen and colorful stars appear stay in that direction until you find the Ghost Ship. The Ghost Ship is pretty much another Temple. You have to find the 3 of the Cubus sisters, and bring them back to the youngest. Once you bring all 4 of them back you learn that they were trying to kill you. After that you have to play a ‘game’ with them. Dead mans Volley, they shoot blue circles at you, you hit them back and fourth until you kill all of them. Then you get a key, got the the basement floor 2 (I think) and unlock the door. You find Tetra in statue form. Oshus come’s again. Story time once more! You learn that Oshus is really the Ocean king. He sends you to Zauz the Blacksmith. Zauz tells you that you need a special sword. One that can slay phantoms. The Phantom sword. But first you need 3 pure metals. That’s all for the time being check back soon for part 3!


Legend of Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass Part One

This time I’m talking about Legend of Zelda. Which one you may ask? Well I’ll tell you, this time it’s Legend Of Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass for the Ds. In this game Tetra (A.K.A Princess Zelda) is hunting for the infamous Ghost Ship with Link (or whatever you named the person) and her crew of pirates.  The Ghost ship is known for making those who dare follow it lost at sea. When our hero attempt’s to save Tetra from the evil clutches of the ghost ship he mysteriously ends up on the beaches on an island called Mercay. Here he meet’s a fairy called Ciela who takes him to ‘Grandpa’.Link is determined to find the Ghost Ship and save Tetra though he is advised against it. He is going to save her, first he needs a ship. He goes to the dock to find out that the Captain is not there. Our Hero then goes into the Temple Of The Ocean King and saves the Captain (the captain’s name is Linebeck). Then we find a ocean map talk to Linebeck and were off! We go to Isle Of Ember to talk to Astrid the fortune teller. You save her and go into the Temple of the island. After going through this you get the first of the 3 spirit’s, (all of the spirits are: power: Leaf, Wisdom: Neri and *ENDING ALERT* Courage: Ciela, though she doesn’t know it yet) Power (Leaf). After this you should go to Cannon Island and get a cannon for your ship. This should cost somewhere between 20-50 rupees (the currency of this game and all Zelda games) Then we hit Mercay Island, why? Temple Of The Ocean King (you will come here many time’s), you will get to go further into the Temple than before since you have the Power spirit. This visit we’ll find the North Western sea map. Once you find it, exit the Temple and go to Linebeck, he’ll ask you to dust off the map. Once you dust it off (blow into the Mic on your Ds) you will find a symbol like the one that was one the Isle Of Ember, except this one is on The Isle Of Gust and it’s the symbol of the Wisdom Spirit. So we go to the right side of the map we are on now (South Western Sea) and go North of Molida Island. It gets foggy, dark skies, change in music…. THE GHOST SHIP! Follow it! You end up in the North Western Sea when it gets so foggy that you get sent to the beginning of this map. What, not fair?!? After attempting to get through you settle in visiting a near by island: Molida. After talking to a couple people you learn: you’ve just been through the never-ending fog passage. One person has been through it: Old Wayfarer, the local, Romanos’s Father. Then you find Old Wayfarer’s hideout and get his shovel. Wait, this isn’t his real hideout? Find his real hideout and then you find the secret way through the foggy passage to the Isle of Gust. Get to the Temple entrance and, oh so fun! Go through the Temple. You then will get Neri, Spirit of Wisdom! Check daily for my Next Post: Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Part 2