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Treadmillasaurus Rex

In Treadmillasaurus Rex you are a T-Rex (or a Treadmillasaurus Rex, I can’t tell the difference between the two) who is running a treadmill. You get to spin the wheel of awesome to get random things such as confetti, or wind. You also have spikey balls coming at you that can kill you. Their is no real point to the game other than to have fun.



Cat God vs Sun King

In Cat God vs Sun King you play as Cat God, Cat God and the Sun King are enemies. In each level Sun King tells his servants to build him a temple, your job is to kill all of them before they complete the temple. In each you gain a new skill, but the servants become stronger. Also, if you use on skill a lot you can level up that skill, at it’s max level up it’s very strong.



Jacob and the Magic Piano

In this game you start out as a Jacob, for some reason he is in debt and poor. He gets a letter in the mail saying that his rich Aunt Matilda has died and included him in her last will and testament. He finds that his Aunt left him with unusual items – A Piano, a chest of drawers, and a cat. When he plays the piano ghosts appear along with stars! The point of the game is to defend the stars from the ghost with music and yourself. When you compose music each key stand for a sector on the game map, when you play the key a block appears to defend the sector. If you don’t want to compose music you can just click on random and it’ll play music for you, you can also upload music from other players and save music you composed.



Papa’s Freezeria

The last (for now) of the Papa’s games is Papa’s Freezeria. In this one you take the person’s order find out what flavor of ice cream they want, what topping thing that you mix in they want, and how mixed they want it. After you mix it you then add more toppings, whip cream, and things like chocolate sauce. In this you can also decorate the store, once you buy a poster or whatever you can put it wherever you want it. You still have closers in this and you still have Jojo. Out of all the Papa’s game this is my favorite game, in fact I didn’t even know it came out until I found it on



Papa’s Burgeria

Papa’s Burgeria nest game in the Papa’s series (after Papa’s Pizzeria). This game is similar to Papa’s Pizzeria except you make burgers, not pizzas. In this game you can cook the burger to rare, well done, medium rare, or whatever the customer asks for. You also get to build the burger with toppings and extras. You have to make the customers burgers quickly though, the customers aren’t patient. If you make them wait to long you won’t get a good tip!



Gone To The Dogs

This is a game where you buy a dog and train it to win races, you can buy it upgrades or give it to a trainer before a race. I found this game while on but you can play it on! One of the fun parts is that your dog comes with a name, some may be odd names 😉


Bloons Tower Defense 4

Bloons Tower Defense 4 is so far on of the best tower defense games made! And definitely the best of the Bloons Tower Defense games, if you don’t know what a tower defense game is I’ll  explain. A tower defense game is where there’s a track for something to travel on (well many things) you plant tower’s to destroy this things before the things get to the end, in Bloons Tower Defense 4 you pop bloons (balloons). I really like this game because of all the different towers they have, a lot of other games I’ve played don’t have a good variety of towers. I found this game on, I was playing Bloons by the same person (Ninja Kiwi) and happened to see that they made a fourth Bloons Tower Defense!

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