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Destroy All Humans

Destroy All Humans is a really fun game, even if the goal is to take over Earth. I played a couple years ago and decided I would like to own it. The Game is played from an Alien called Crypto, while the main goal is taking over Earth you have smaller goals within the place you are in. Such as finding the mayor and reading his thoughts or killing every single person in town. Of course you have an organization called Majestic, their goal is to kill you. I like this game because you can do so many fun things, disguise as a human, read funny thoughts, lift things with your mind, make people randomly fall asleep, and of course drive your flying saucer! Their is also many side missions that are fun, well if you like destroying buildings or electrocuting cows. If you like all this buy it at gamestop, also you can buy Destroy All Humans! 2 for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 2.


Shopping Cart Hero

Like The Heist 2 this game is an online game, I play at (which is now a gamestop network). In this game you ride in a shopping cart down a hill, go off a ramp, and do tricks in the air to earn money. Their is no real point to this game besides to entertain the player. I found this game because I was playing a game like it when in the comments someone said “This is dumb, here is the real version” and there was a link for Shopping Cart Hero 2. I played it once  and thought it was really, really fun!


Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

You can by Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal for about $10.00 used at To start off the game with a little movie about Clank being a Secret Agent when we realize that Veldin (Ratchet’s home planet) is being attacked by evil creatures created by the evil Dr.Nefarious. So we go through killing some enemies when you meet up with the Galactic Rangers, one of them gives you a gun ( the shock Blaster) and you mission is to protect Veldin from the monster invasion. After this you go from planet to planet with one main mission in mind: Defeat Dr.Nefarious. A couple other things you also accomplish: Helping the rangers on various planets, finding Captain Qwark, helping Qwark regain his memory, stuff like that. You can also play Qwark Vid-Comics (you have to play all of them at some point or another in the game. Eventually you defeat Dr.Nefarious life in the Galaxy is safe and quiet. Good for 2 heroes who just saved an entire Galaxy from being turned into Robots!


Post A Week 2011

I decided to start a blog and found about Post A Week 2011 and decide to take the challenge.  I didn’t think I would want (or be able to) post a blog every day. A week on the other hand would be much easier so post a week it is! If you have any games you would like me to blog about feel free to comment! Any system. Pokemon games are my favorite, if you didn’t know pokemon Black and White (for the Ds) are coming out in April of this year! You can pre-order the game at: I named my blog after the creators of pokemon, GameFreak thats how much I like pokemon. But thats all I’ll blog about. Well that’s about it check my blog for my newest updates!

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