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Cat God vs Sun King

In Cat God vs Sun King you play as Cat God, Cat God and the Sun King are enemies. In each level Sun King tells his servants to build him a temple, your job is to kill all of them before they complete the temple. In each you gain a new skill, but the servants become stronger. Also, if you use on skill a lot you can level up that skill, at it’s max level up it’s very strong.



The Heist 2

This game, unlike the other games I have reviewed, is a game from a game website ( that I play a lot because I think it is a fun game. The point of the game, The Heist 2, has the same goal as the 1st game: to rob stores (each mission you have to get a certain amount of credits, which is the money of the game) then drive away to your HQ. You can buy people to help you rob the stores (ex. Con Artist, Safe Cracker etc….) and upgrade your vehicle. I mostly like the 2nd game better because it is faster, has more people options, and you can buy a tank and drive it around on the highway! 😀

See! A lot more than the first game! 🙂

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