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Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

The newest Legend Of Zelda game, on the Ds like Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is for the Nintendo Ds. This is Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. In this game their is the Tower Of Spirits which hold the evil Demon King Malladus. He is held in Tower as long as the Spirit Tracks connect the Tower Of Spirits to the Temples Of the 4 Realms – Ocean, Forest, Fire, and Snow. When you start out the game you are becoming a Train Engineer when the princess asks you to take her to the Tower Of Spirits, she is hoping to find the sorcerer of the Tower so this sorcerer can restore the vanishing Spirit Tracks. Uh oh, someone is resurrecting Malladus! And they took the princess’s body! Leaving only her spirit to help you! You also have some side quests in the game – finding bunnies, driving people to towns, and collecting things for people. If you played any Legend Of Zelda game and liked it (who wouldn’t?) you should play this one!


Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has made many great systems over the years: Nintendo 64, Ds, Ds lite, Dsi, Dsi XL, 3DS, and the Wii. First the Wii, then a Black one and now a red one, also a green one though this could just be a skin type thing. The Wii has many ‘channels’ basically it’s an app. Like the Mii Channel, where you can customize your Mii – a character on your Wii to represent yourself. You start off with basic Channels along with the Mii channel -photo channel uses pictures, the Internet Channel: lets you connect to the internet, The Wii shop: lets you buy new games and apps with the Wii points, The Forecast channel: lets you check on the weather once you put in your location, The News Channel: check up on the news,  The Nintendo Channel: like the News Channel but it’s about Nintendo’s latest news.

The Original White Wii

The Black Wii

The Red Wii

The Green Wii


Nintendo Dsi

For some reason I got side tracked from Zelda with my newest game system: The Nintendo Dsi. Way before the Ds, Ds lite, Dsi, Dsi XL, 3Ds, all of that I had a Gameboy Advanced. Oh course I only had a bunch of pokemon games… Then I got a hand-me-down Ds lite from my brother, not complaining! I was thrilled I mean the system could play my GBA pokemon games! Plus I could catch up on all pokemon games made for the Ds. Then 2 weeks ago I got the Dsi, passed on my Ds lite to my sister. Then Dsi, sadly, cannot play GBA games. But the new features and Apps you can buy in the Dsi Store. The new features your system comes with is camera – you can take pictures and mess around with them. Dsi Sound – record sounds with your Mic and mess with how it sounds. The Internet, a web browser – it runs fairly well, it runs good with mobile websites. Lastly Flipnote Studio – you can make little ‘Flipnotes’ which are like mini-movies. You still have the Ds Download Play and PictoChat. Camera: The Dsi has two built-in cameras – one facing outwards and one facing inwards. Once you take a picture you can save it in your system memory or if you have a SD card. If you save it in your system memory you can do many things to th picture like: Distortion, distort it by using your stylus and dragging the section of the picture you want to distort. You also have Graffiti, this lets you draw on the on the picture in some colors, also it lets you put ‘stamps’ on the picture. Stamps are things like Hearts, music notes, speech bubbles etc…  Next –  is color, this turns your picture into Black-and-white then you can tap some spots to return color. But, the color doesn’t all return at once, just a little at a time! The next thing you can do is Colorpad, this lets you turn the entire picture into shades of blue, purple, pink, red, and green. Mirror lets you make your picture mirror its self! All of the next ones require the picture to have a face recognized. They are Mischief – which puts things like cat ears on the picture, the next one is the emoter, this one turns you face into a sad, happy, or mad face. Next up is Merge, you take one picture of you and one of someone else. You can then merge your face’s together. Lastly for camera is Resemblance, in this one you need to take a photo with two people in it, being the 2 people you are comparing. Next up is Dsi Sound. Record a sound and you can change the pitch – really low or very High you can also make it go backwards! Or you can make your voice sound like a trumpet, whistle, Buzzer, robot, parakeet, or like your voice is in an Electric Fan. Lastly for Apps that are free is the Flipnote Studio. A Flipnote is basically a little movie that is black-and-white. Not much too it though it’s very fun. You can create many, many Flipnotes which, you can also send to a near by person! That’s all of the new stuff with the Dsi, well in comparison to the Ds lite and Ds.

From this:

                                                                    To this:

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                                                        What I now have:

                                                              I don’t really want it:

The newest Of Nintendo’s Systems:


Plants vs Zombies – DS

Plants vs Zombies is a fun games for lots of gaming systems. I have for the Ds but you can get it for: The Xbox 360, The Computer, and the DS. Basically you have to defend your house from the Zombies that live across the street. Using plants and the help from a person named Crazy Dave. Your plants kill the Zombies, for example the Peashooter – It shoots peas that will eventually kill the Zombie. Many Plants like that. This game has 50 levels. 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and so on. The Zombies will try the invade your house in the weirdest ways, at night, in your pool in the backyard and even on the Roof! They come in many variates ones with cones on their heads, cones, ones holding screen. My favorite Zombie is probably Disco Zombie. I probably like him because he looks awesome and is a disco person. Their is also multiplayer which is when you play with a friend you get to chose if you want to be the zombies or the plants. Their is also the Zen Garden which is growing flowers. And Zombatar, in this you can customize your very own zombie! They have mini games and puzzles but those aren’t really that interesting. At the end of the game when you beat the Zombies they decide to be friendly:


Pokémon White

Today I’m blogging about the newest of the pokémon generations: Generation v, Pokémon Black and White (for me it’s just white though). This game takes place in the Unova Region, you start off in Nuvema Town. It begins when you meet up with your friends Bianca and Cheren to get you starter pokémon. In your room you open a box, within it is 3 pokémon: Oshawott the water type, Snivy the grass type, and Tepig the fire type. Once you pick one you go straight to battle. What your friends have depends on what you have. I’m just going to use Oshawott for the example because thats what I picked. Any who when you battle Bianca she will have a Tepig (if you picked Oshawott that is). Easy, Oshawott is super effective against Fire, easy win. Cheren, though, picked Snivy, still kind of easy since they know 2 moves each. Then you go talk to the Professor – Professor Juniper. She wants you to collect data in the pokédex. Just like all the other games. That’s it, off on your adventure to file the pages of the pokédex and become Pokémon Champion!


Pokémon Soulsilver

Pokémon Soulsilver takes place first in the Johto region but then after the Elite Four you can travel to the Kanto region. So the same as the original version Silver (along with Gold). First off we start in New Bark Town too help the Professor, which in this game he happens to be Professor Elm (it seems a lot of the professor’s have names that are trees, Elm, Oak, Birch) I’m pretty sure you have to deliver an egg to a person a couple routes away, Professor Elm let’s you ‘borrow’ a pokémon, either a totodile(water) a chikorita(grass) and a cyndaquil(fire) choose the pokémon carefully though beacause you end up keeping it. While at this man’s house Professor Oak from over in  Kanto visits. Then you leave, get to New Bark Town to realize that someone stole a pokémon from Professor Elm! It’s you job to find this person for Professor Elm. You find this person and battle them. Whatever pokémon that you chose this person will have to strongest to counteract you. For example I chose totdile so the person will have a chikorita. Once you win mett up with Professor Elm and you get to choose then name of the person you just battled! Professor Elm and you go back to his lab and he gives you a pokédex and lets you nickname the pokémon. Next thing you know your off on an adventure! That covers everything in the game… or does it? In pokémon Soulsilver something new is here something no other pokémon game(besides HeartGold) has-the pokéwalker! Any pokémon you have you transfor to an awesome little pedometer that allows you to: Count how many steps you tak daily, know the current time, catch pokémon, get items by using a dowsing machine and connecting to other pokéwalker’s. In the pokéwalker you have somethin called watts. Their is a simply forumla for getting watts 20 steps = one watt. To get a chance to find a pokémon in the ‘wild’ you would need 10 watts. Once you spend those 10 watts you’ve used, you have to earn more, but the pokéwalker also keeps track of lifetime watts. So if you spend watts that doesn’t change your lifetime watts. You can get new routes for the pokéwalker by liftime watts. Different routes have different pokémon and items.You can also dowse for items, this only costs 3 watts.


Legend Of Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass Part 4

In Part 3 we left off my just getting the Regal Necklace from the Fourth Knight (the fourth knight’s name is Brant). After that you sail to the Isle of Ruins – this time you can go right past the cyclone – and Dock. Once you go on the Island you see 4 pyramids. Well you figure that the biggest is the one with the pure metal – the most guarded, boss and all – so we should go to the small one on the western coast of the Island. Once you get there go inside and talk to the 3rd Knight (his name is Bremuer) he will tell you that the island was cursed (or something like that) and that you need to get a key to release the curse or something like that. He will tell you that you should go to Doylan, the 2nd Knight to get the key. Now we should go to the small pyramid on the eastern coast of the Island. Go here and talk to Doylan, the 2nd Knight (in case you’re wondering they are the Knight’s of King Mutoh) he will be impressed that you made it that far and he will give you the key. Go back to Bremuer’s pyramid and click on the giant thingie that is golden and shaped like a pencil. Doing this you are releasing the curse of the Island. When you go outside you see that the water within the Island is all gone!! YAY 😀 no more annoying water! Next we go to the Pyramid in the South, Max, The 1st Knight’s pyramid. He will talk to you and tell you to go to the last Pyramid – The Pyramid of King Mutoh. When you go to this Pyramid be aware, it is basically a Temple. After going through you meet up with King Mutoh (Oh yeah, all of this knight’s and the King are Ghost’s, not to important though 😉 he will let you get the last pure metal, the Aquanine. Finally, the last pure metal! 😀 Now we go to Zauz’s Island and give him the Metal’s. When we get to Zauz’s Island, give him the pure metals. Zauz will tell you that the sword making will take some time, so leave visit some islands or something and retrieve your sword! Wait, it’s just a blade, no handle thingie? Oh, Zauz will tell you to give it to the Ocean King. Sail to Mercay and go to Oshus’s house. He will combine the Phantom Hourglass and the Phantom Sword blade. Now you have the Phantom Sword! You can defeat Bellum! And you can kill the phantoms in The Temple Of The Ocean King with just one hit to their back’s! Well, time to go kill Bellum. Now we go to The Temple Of The Ocean King go through further than ever before and we get to battle the evil Bellum. The trick to beating him is getting out the grappling hook grapple off all of the purple stuff then grapple him over to you. Start hitting him rapidly. Repeat the process until he flees up one floor of the battle field. Now you need to shoot – with your bow & arrows – all of his eyeballs. Once you shoot all of them he flees back to the bottom  section of the battle field. Then you have to do what you did before. He will keep fleeing until he gets out of the acid stuff and starts do completely unpredictable flying everywhere. Ciela then learns the ability to freeze time shortly. Eventually you will kill Bellum. You then get teleported to your ship. Tetra comes back to life when suddenly Bellum comes out of nowhere and steals her! You sail around the ghost ship shooting Bellum’s eye’s then attack him on the ghost ship. You defeat him when he uses his last bit of strength to posses Linebeck. Then using Celia you defeat Linebeck – not killing him – and finally (this time for real) defeat Bellum. You saved the Ocean King, now he has his true form – a Whale! Now the game is over 😥

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