Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Part Two

After going through Hyrule Field the western exit will lead you too the Twilight entrance. Midna will talk about things like Light of Eldin, and you being a beast. For some reason she always asks you if you want to or not even though you have to go through. Go a little bit down the path, put on your senses and you will find the scent of the children.  Eventually you will run into a spot where the bridge has gone missing… Midna tells you about teleporting and what-not. You have to go to the N. Faron Woods to get the bridge. After you find the bridge you should go back to the portal in Eldin Province, the trick is to keep following the scent with your senses. After a while you will arrive in a village called Kakariko Village where Eldin the Spirit of Light will ask you to do the same thing that Ordon asked you – collect the light for it him. Collect all of the light-things and return them to Eldin. After you return the full vessel the light has returned to the village and the surrounding area! Also you’re human again!! Everyone tells you to not go to the mines, but….. you have to – back up Death Mountain for you! The Goron will tell you to go and push you over, after this go talk to the people in Kakariko Village maybe the leader will have some advice. The leader says that the mayor of Ordon friended the Gorons, maybe we should go talk to him! Your horse comes into town all crazy calm it down and go to Ordon Village. (Also hen you were on Death Mountain as the wolf the Stone with a hole in it is a Howling Stone which allows you too find another hidden skill.) Find the Mayor’s house and talk to him, we need to find out how to friend the Gorons! The Mayor will see you and ask questions, once he learns where the children are, he tells you about how he won a contest of strength against the Gorons. He has a secret he is willing to tell you as long as you tell no one else. Head on to the back room and you learn the Gorons like to do Sumo wrestling. He tells you the rules and we try Sumo wrestling. After this he shows you the secret – a pair of iron boots, very heavy, no wonder he won against the Gorons! After this get on your horse and go to Kakariko Village, here you will then go to Death Mountain and Confront the Goron. Do the same things as last time grab him, but this time put the Iron Boots on the Goron won’t be able to Shove you aside this time. But, a monster has stolen one of the children you have to chase around Hyrule Field and hit him with your sword.  You then have to battle him on a bridge, rather difficult. The trick is to dodge him, then as you pass by him slice with your sword. Repeat this until the enemy is dead. After that you talk to Talo who asks if  Colin will be all right and mentions Malo going in to the closed store and working on… something, we go in to the shop to learn Malo is making the shop his own! After talking to Malo you should go check on Colin. After checking up on him head up to Death Mountain. Go all the way to the top, if you run into a Goron and it tries to knock you off just use the Iron Boots. You can also hit the Gorons with your sword then jump off of them.  You finally make to the top when you get to talk to the Goron elder – Gor Coron, he says you cannot enter the mines unless you can beat him at a contest of power – Sumo Wrestling. The first time you wrestle him you will lose he says that you are too light – that means you should put on the iron Boots, after you win Gor Coron will ask you that when you go into the mines to aid Darbus – a Goron who was transformed into a terrible monster. Going through the mines is difficult but not too difficult. you need to be able to equip your Iron boots in some parts.


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