Legend of Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass Part One

This time I’m talking about Legend of Zelda. Which one you may ask? Well I’ll tell you, this time it’s Legend Of Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass for the Ds. In this game Tetra (A.K.A Princess Zelda) is hunting for the infamous Ghost Ship with Link (or whatever you named the person) and her crew of pirates.  The Ghost ship is known for making those who dare follow it lost at sea. When our hero attempt’s to save Tetra from the evil clutches of the ghost ship he mysteriously ends up on the beaches on an island called Mercay. Here he meet’s a fairy called Ciela who takes him to ‘Grandpa’.Link is determined to find the Ghost Ship and save Tetra though he is advised against it. He is going to save her, first he needs a ship. He goes to the dock to find out that the Captain is not there. Our Hero then goes into the Temple Of The Ocean King and saves the Captain (the captain’s name is Linebeck). Then we find a ocean map talk to Linebeck and were off! We go to Isle Of Ember to talk to Astrid the fortune teller. You save her and go into the Temple of the island. After going through this you get the first of the 3 spirit’s, (all of the spirits are: power: Leaf, Wisdom: Neri and *ENDING ALERT* Courage: Ciela, though she doesn’t know it yet) Power (Leaf). After this you should go to Cannon Island and get a cannon for your ship. This should cost somewhere between 20-50 rupees (the currency of this game and all Zelda games) Then we hit Mercay Island, why? Temple Of The Ocean King (you will come here many time’s), you will get to go further into the Temple than before since you have the Power spirit. This visit we’ll find the North Western sea map. Once you find it, exit the Temple and go to Linebeck, he’ll ask you to dust off the map. Once you dust it off (blow into the Mic on your Ds) you will find a symbol like the one that was one the Isle Of Ember, except this one is on The Isle Of Gust and it’s the symbol of the Wisdom Spirit. So we go to the right side of the map we are on now (South Western Sea) and go North of Molida Island. It gets foggy, dark skies, change in music…. THE GHOST SHIP! Follow it! You end up in the North Western Sea when it gets so foggy that you get sent to the beginning of this map. What, not fair?!? After attempting to get through you settle in visiting a near by island: Molida. After talking to a couple people you learn: you’ve just been through the never-ending fog passage. One person has been through it: Old Wayfarer, the local, Romanos’s Father. Then you find Old Wayfarer’s hideout and get his shovel. Wait, this isn’t his real hideout? Find his real hideout and then you find the secret way through the foggy passage to the Isle of Gust. Get to the Temple entrance and, oh so fun! Go through the Temple. You then will get Neri, Spirit of Wisdom! Check daily for my Next Post: Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Part 2


1 Response to “Legend of Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass Part One”

  1. 02/20/2011 at 11:37 am

    Not a game I’m familiar with but this is a well-written post 🙂

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