Pokémon Ruby

Today I will be blogging about Pokémon Ruby for the Gameboy Advanced (GBA) one of the many pokémon games for the GBA. Like all Pokémon games you start in a town (depends on the region) and get a starter pokémon and the pokédex from the professor of the region. In Ruby we start out in Littleroot town since it’s the Hoenn region. If you choose a girl you talk to Brendan if you choose a boy you talk to May, either gender they are the son/daughter of Professor Birch. You get the starter pokémon by helping the Professor out of a tight spot. He lets you keep whatever pokémon you choose. You get to choose from: Treecko (grass), Torchic (fire), and Mudkip (water). You go back to his lab and he lets you keep the pokémon, gives you the  pokédex and tells you to battle Brendan. After that he tells you to go visit your dad Norman (he is a gym leader for normal type pokémon, you battle him later though). Then you are off on your adventure to The Elite Four!


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